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At Reho Security North Coast, we believe in high end quality products that don't let you down, quality service that you can rely on, quality advice to help you make sound decisions and quality workmanship that lasts longer than most of our competitors.


Our product offerings for recording units consist of the following types, analog recording units, Network based IP camera recording units or units which support both IP cameras and analog cameras.


Our camera products consist of either IP based HD cameras or analog HD cameras, we no longer support low res analog cameras. We install and supply a wide range of cameras from known quality brands.


Our PC based recording systems allow for multiple camera connectivity with options for moving dome cameras and controllers referred to as PTZ cameras. These machines are high end machines that are rack mountable and consist of the latest hardware to meet the demands of multiple stream recordings as well as multiple event playbacks.


To bring it all together in a control room, we use specific systems for multiple cameras to be displayed on screens in a Matrix format, which allows your control room staff to monitor all areas of your property or business.


Get 24/7 viewing of your business, home or property

Closed circuit television (CCTV) systems can be configured for centralized or multiple areas for monitoring. Some video surveillance systems can also be viewed remotely (from your home or mobile device). Remote access is helpful if you have alarm systems that are prone to false activation, or need to monitor employees, children or baby sitters.


Security camera systems are a good investment

A business security camera system can increase your customer’s sense of safety, and save your business money by lowering risks of crimes that hit your bottom line. Your insurance rates may be lower when you have a digital security and surveillance system Access Control


Vehicle/Fleet camera systems

Mobile CCTV monitoring solutions for business and personal. A valuable business tool monitor busses, trains, mining equipment, Cash-in-transit,  logistics, emergency and private vehicles. 

  • Video surveillance inside and outside of the vehicle, helping collect video and audio evidence.

  • Stable and secure video and audio storage for post-event investigation.

  • Get the actual position of the vehicle while it is on the way to locate, track and monitor it.

  • Wireless access supports remote live view on Control Client and the mobile client, helping get the real-time live view easily.

  • One-way audio communication from the surveillance center to vehicles, facilitating timely communication.

  • Help the driver to check the situation inside and outside.

Services available in: Empangeni, Richards Bay, Ballito, uMhlanga, Salt Rock, Mtunzini & Kwambonambi. To you enquire about your area call 061 404 9351, or email Reho Security North Coast at

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